Q: What is a Spiritual Director/Companion? 

A:  A Spiritual Director provides an undivided, intentional presence in a safe, non-judgmental space to sort through deep issues surrounding life, spirituality, and God.   

Q:  Who uses Spiritual Direction?

A:  Anyone!!  Spiritual Direction benefits anyone who desires to be truly listened to without judgment and without an agenda.

Q:  What if I am not religious, but want Spiritual Direction?

A:  This is perfectly fine!  I believe Spirituality encompasses every role we hold in our lives, so any topic can be discussed.  Sessions are as unique as the individual is uniquely created.  Our sessions can be whatever you are needing them to be!

Q:  How are Spiritual Directors trained?

A:  I completed a 3 year ecumenical program called Souljourners at Mt. Saint Scholastica in Atchison, KS.  I graduated and received my certificate in June 2020.

Q:  Are appointments in person or via zoom/Facetime?

A:  Appointments are available either in person or via zoom/Facetime!

Q:  How often should I schedule an appointment?

A:  Usually appointments are once a month, but you are welcome to come see me as much as you are needing.  

Q:  Do you accept insurance?

A:  Unfortunately, I am unable to bill insurance, so cash pay is my only option.

Q:  How is Spiritual Direction different from therapy or counseling?

A:  Actually, quite different.  I am not trained in psychotherapy or counseling, and do not have a license.  I don't diagnose or attempt to "fix" anyone's problems.  I adhere to Spiritual Directors International Guidelines for Ethical Conduct. Focus, usually, is on spirituality, discernment, and on God (whatever that looks like for every individual).  Spiritual Direction does complement therapy well, but is not a substitute for that.  A referral to a therapist can be made if needed. 

Any other questions, contact me!!